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Governor Chris Christie has proposed a $820 million cut in 2010-2011 spending on public education

on top of a $475 million cut in current year (2009-2020) spending.

In Montclair, that translates into

a $5.4 million cut in 2010-2011 aid -- a 60% reduction --

in addition to the $1.9 million cut in aid for this current school year.  

  • Cuts in state aid threaten the stability and consistency of public education across the state.  Here in Montclair, our schools face the loss of more than 85 staff positions including world language teachers, librarians, nurses and instructional aids.
  • In addition, next year's budget includes cuts in funding for textbooks/supplies/materials, athletics, and tutoring and after school programs. 
  • The Governor has taken steps to address some of the cost drivers in local school budgets, including teacher salaries and benefits as well as other areas such as mandates and utilities.  

Let the Legislature and the Governor know

we support efforts to reduce fixed costs


we need stable and consistent funding

to provide the"thorough and efficient education"

mandated under the NJ Constitution

  • What can you do?  The best thing to do is to make phone calls to our Montclair representatives in the Legislature -- and to the leaders of both the Assembly, the Senate and their respective Budget Committees.  
  • You can also write, write fax or e-mail letters, host a letter-writing or phone-calling party, or go to Trenton.  Click on the tabs at left for more information. 

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