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Hello families, 

This could be our last PTA email of the school year. Can you believe it? It's been a pleasure and an honor to serve as your PTA President this year. I'm not going anywhere: I still have many years ahead of me at Watchung and know we will all be in very good hands with next year's PTA slate. 

A few very important reminders: 

Please send your contributions for our related arts and extended staff in any amount through this PayPal link NO LATER THAN TONIGHT, JUNE 22nd, to help us thank all the wonderful staff at Watchung. 

Our last PTA meeting of the year is TOMORROW, Tuesday, June 23rd at 7pm, where we will be saying our goodbyes and voting on next year's PTA slate:

President - Patty Gamcsik
Co-VPs - Liz Rich and Alex Schulz
Treasurer - Jen Mellish
Secretary - Hillary Brylka
PLEASE join us so we can vote properly on our new team. Also, please take a minute to review the minutes from our last meeting so we can approve those tomorrow as well. 
Draft agenda is as follows: 
  1. Welcome / Roll Call

  1. Approval of April 30, 2020 Meeting Minutes

  1. Voting for 2020-2021 PTA Slate

  1. Mr. Krenn / Principal Updates 

  1. Treasurer’s Report 

  1. PTA thoughts for the 20/21 School Year

  2. Open Floor

Did you all get a chance to see the wonderful "extended trailer" that the Wilsons put together for our school musical? Details were in Mr. Krenn's email last week, please make sure to check it out. THANK YOU DAG AND PATRICK!!!!

Our school supply fundraiser is still live!

Order your kits today for the grade your child will be going into 2020-21 and the boxes will be safely delivered to your child's classroom before school starts. It's the easiest, safest, fastest way to order supplies and support our PTA! Order today, and don't forget you can also donate boxes on the site!

Thank you Jacquie Mital for organizing this great program once again!

Our Buy-A-Brick fundraiser is also still live! Orderform with all details can be found here. Payments should be sent via PayPal through the link provided but please email your completed form to either Kim Sinatra ( or Katie Cocco ( Thank you Kim and Katie for overseeing this program once again! 

As always, please feel free to email us at with any thoughts or questions.

Stay safe, stay strong.  
All our best, 
Christine, Alex, Liz, Patty and Vicki: Your 2019-2020 PTA Executive Board

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